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for low to high ­pressures.


Avoid downtime with CPL™ technology.

The SFD (Sublimated Forward Acting Rupture Disc) is a versatile rupture disc solution suitable for use with a wide range of process conditions. Manufactured using Contour Precision Lasering, this forward acting rupture disc eliminates common industry concerns associated with mechanically scored discs such as premature failure, corrosion on the score-line and pin-holing. Unexpected problems can cause costly downtime, REMBE®’s CPL™ Technology maximizes the lifetime of the installed disc and ensures high-quality, accurate burst control even in the harshest of environments. The SFD is a low-profile, non-fragmenting design, enabling space saving during installation and ensuring the performance of the relief valve is not affected by the open rupture disc. CPL™ guarantees accurate lines of sublimation across the rupture disc providing precise, full-bore opening upon burst: maximizing the flow of process media through the rupture disc. CPL™ provides a smooth process face on the rupture disc while eradicating the need for an additional liner, which may be incompatible with certain process media. The smooth surface ensures no process build-up providing long-term reliability of the product even within aggressive process media making it ideal for polymerization processes. The SFD is a cost-effective high-performance solution capable of operating within various process conditions making it the obvious selection for demanding processes within industries such as oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical as well as food and pharmaceutical.
SFD is a laser sublimated rupture disc available in sizes up to 24". Due to its vacuum resistance and the wide range of response pressures from 2 to 431 barg, SFD is ideal for a variety of gas or liquid applications, in the oil and gas industry, petrochemicals and chemicals as well as many others. The standard operating ratio is up to 80 %* of the minimum response pressure. The advanced laser manufacturing process guarantees fragmentation-free opening even at the highest pressures. Sublimated on the vent side, the SFD offers a smooth process face which reduces the risk of corrosion.
* Depending on the specific application.
REMBE® SFD with Accessoires

signaling devices

Automated processes use intelligent signaling systems to keep you informed at all times about the status of your entire plant and any faults that may arise. You can even install signaling devices for rupture discs that have already been installed.

rupture disc holder

REMBE® guarantees you a perfect installation and optimal function of your bursting disc. Due to the special design of the various REMBE® rupture disc holders, incorrect installation of the associated rupture disc is impossible.

Widest pressure range for plant wide flexibility.

The SFD meets a wide range of customers rupture disc requirements making it the ideal solution to fulfil a variety of process conditions across an entire plant. This high-performance solution boasts one of the largest size – DN 20 to DN 600 (3/4"-24") and burst pressure ranges available – 2 to 431 bar g and can be manufactured in a wide range of anti-corrosive materials. minimizing rupture disc variation across the plant can offer significant installation, purchasing and maintenance benefits. The SFD is suitable for use with various process media, in gas or liquid or as a combination of both. The SFD is fully compatible with liquid only applications, maximizing installation points where this high-performance solution can be installed. Selecting the SFD to fulfil the requirements of all rupture disc installation points across the plant: including where relief valve isolation is required can provide significant cost benefits, not only in the product itself but by enabling the valve to be sourced in more cost-effective materials. The SFD is a high-performance solution for various applications, including full vacuum conditions*. Compatible with REMBE®’s IG-HL holder and NIMU signaling device for a full rupture disc assembly, ensuring fail-safe installation and notification of disc burst site-wide.
* Values are compliant with PED certification, for other certifications, burst pressures and MNFA (ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 1) may vary.
  • Space saving due to the low-profile opening pattern.
  • Low fragmentation.
  • Suitable for the isolation of safety valves.
  • Smooth process face.
  • Manufactured with REMBE® CPL™ Technology: Reduces downtime caused by premature failure, corrosion or pin-holing.
  • Compatible with a wide range of process conditions.
Technical data
Product parameters
Holder compatibility
signaling available
Safety valve isolation
Pulsating, Cycling
Vacuum resistance
Back pressure resistance
Torque independent burst pressure
Tolerance | %
± 10 (±5, -0/+10, +0/-10 upon request)
Manufacturing design range | %
Operating ratio | %
Non-fragmenting design
Temperature range |°C
-80 to 600 *
Leckrate | mbar ls-1
10-4 to 10-5
Vacuum resistance is size and pressure dependent and may require additional vacuum support.
All parameters to be confirmed by REMBE® dependent on customers application.


Temperature Range PED
Materialmin. °Cmax. °C
600 *
Stainless steel
* Temperature limits for PED certification may vary.
  • autoclaves
  • chemical industry
  • chemical reactors
  • condensers
  • cryogenic applications
  • cryostats + transport containers
  • desalination plants
  • flare stacks
  • food production
  • FPSO applications
  • gas compressor modules
  • gas turbines for power generation
  • gas-tight pressure vessels
  • geothermal energy
  • hazardous goods containers
  • heat exchangers
  • high pressure applications
  • intermodal containers for corrosive / aggressive media
  • isolation of safety valves
  • LDPE (thermoplastic)
  • LNG
  • mixers
  • oil and gas separation and treatment
  • petrochemical plants
  • power plants
  • process vessels
  • reactors
  • refineries
  • reverse osmosis systems
  • separators
  • spray dryers
  • water injection pumps
  • aerospace
  • brewery
  • chemical
  • petrochemical
  • food
  • hydrogen
  • oil and gas industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • silo
Process mediumSuitability
Gas | Steam
Liquid with gas cushion
Two phase flow
Hygienic applications
✓✓ recommended
✓ suitable


Works Certificate
Works Certificate
KOSHA (South Korea)
KOSHA (South Korea)
CML (China)
CML (China)
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Unboxed - SFD-HL Replacement

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