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REMBE® Charity

We promote, help and support.

REMBE® Charity

REMBE® safety concepts and products play a major role when it comes to protecting human life and systems. However, we want to take things a step further and not only actively protect human lives but also promote projects that contribute to supporting and helping people. This is why we have launched the REMBE® Charity initiative.

As a renowned supplier of safety and protection systems, we bear responsibility for people who commission and trust us. We see it as our obligation to help, not only with regard to our customers but also beyond that. For many years, REMBE® has been making an active contribution to promoting the common good and solving social problems. The first support was provided back in the 1970s. Our commitment has grown until today and it now has a name: REMBE® Charity. REMBE® Charity is financially supported by REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control and its worldwide subsidiaries and partner companies. With Stefan Penno as Managing Director of REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control, the REMBE® Charity initiative supports various projects. or us, REMBE® Charity is more than just financial support for projects and initiatives; the common good is also close to our hearts in our daily activities and in our dealings with each other. We encourage our employees to carry out voluntary work, for example as volunteer firefighters. REMBE® sometimes waives the reimbursement of lost working hours when employees are called into action; the public sector saves money.

REMBE® Charity projects

Kinder- und Behindertenhilfe Rumänien e.V.
Fund-raising campaign for Kinder- und Behindertenhilfe Rumänien e.V.
As part of our 45th company anniversary, we collected an impressive 15,000 euros together with our guests and donated it to the charity for children and the disabled. Afterwards, we were able to see for ourselves in person that the entire sum is benefitting the children. REMBE® also sponsored the following video for the promotional campaign in order to attract further donors:
Förderverein MARIA-HILF e.V.
Initiator, founding member and main sponsor of “Förderverein MARIA-HILF e. V.”
Manging Director Stefan Penno was the source of ideas and the driving force behind the founding of the support organisation. The 1st chairman is currently appointed by REMBE® itself. The association has set itself the goal of implementing things that cannot be implemented with normal hospital financing but that help patients to heal and make employees’ work easier. This is ultimately intended to help secure the hospital site in its rural location. The role of the 1st chairman is performed by Timo Liese, Chief Human Resources Officer at REMBE®.

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SV Brilon
Main sponsor of the sports club SV 20 Brilon e. V.
As part of its voluntary activities, REMBE® supports the local sports club, especially in terms of purchasing sports items, providing equipment for youth and senior players, and maintaining the sports facilities. As an outward indication of the scope of REMBE®’s involvement, the sports ground was named “REMBE® Sportpark”. send enquiry

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Franziskus Grundschule Olsberg/Bruchhausen
Author’s reading at the primary school Franziskus Grundschule Bruchhausen: Children’s author THiLO read from “Vicky and the Treasure of the Gods”
It was a very special day for the children at Franziskus primary school: they were visited by THiLO, who was born in Brilon and is one of Germany’s most famous and popular children’s authors. He read from his book “Vicky and the Treasure of the Gods” to all of the classes. This is a continuation of the book “Vicky the Viking”, which he also wrote to accompany the film of the same name. The children listened to THiLO with fascination and excitement. With his voices for the various roles, his expressive facial expressions, and his exciting gestures, the author captivated the children and brought the story in his book to life. It was particularly exciting for the children to meet a “real” author. He answered their many questions on his books and his exciting job. The children also learned many interesting things about his life. THiLO has already written over 150 children’s books. He showed them in a child-friendly way how an idea develops into a finished book. At the Vicky film premier, he rubbed shoulders with actors and many other famous people, even footballers from FC Bayern Munich. THiLO also explained what the best part of his dream job is. He’s now allowed to sit at a desk in school without the teacher shouting at him. After the reading, the children queued up for an autograph or bought a book to be signed. A book “embellished” in this way is a treasure that the children are sure to keep and cherish for many years. Special thanks are due to the Brilon-based company REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control, which made this author’s reading possible with a donation of €500.
Franziskus Grundschule Olsberg/Bruchhausen
SchulKinoWochen NRW
The state’s biggest educational film project, SchulKinoWochen NRW (SchoolCinemaWeeks NRW), took place for the 13th time at the end of January/beginning of February 2020. The children at the primary school Franziskus Grundschule Bruchhausen were able to participate free of charge thanks to financial support from the initiative REMBE® Charity by the company REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control in Brilon. Classes 1 and 2 visited the Central cinema in Neheim to watch the film “Manou the Swift”. The film dealt with the topics of foreignness and prejudice and showed, through the little swift Manou, that getting to know each other makes it possible for us to live together in peace. A current topic that was presented in a child-friendly, impressive way in the film. The pupils from classes 3 and 4 watched the film “Checker Tobi and the Secret of Our Planet” at the Apollokino in Neheim. The film took the young viewers on a scavenger hunt around the world. Through impressive images, they learned that water is humanity’s greatest treasure and it is important to follow a climate- and environmentally friendly lifestyle to preserve our planet. The visit to the cinema with fellow students was a great experience for all of the children.
Marienschule Brilon
Sponsor for pupils at the school Marienschule Brilon
Based on the initiative by REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control and in cooperation with Volksbank Brilon-Büren-Salzkotten eG, annual training is provided for pupils in classes 8 and 9 on work experience in general, how to behave during work experience, and on the application process for vocational training.

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Brilon corporate race
Apprentice Cup + tombola
REMBE® has been supporting the Brilon corporate race for many years and sponsors the apprentices’ race within the event. REMBE® also donates a sum towards charitable organisations for every kilometre run. Most recently, a corresponding donation went towards helping a children’s hospice.
We support other REMBE® charity projects
  • The drumming corps of the volunteer fire brigade and Brilon
  • The Brilon men’s choir
  • Through the benefit event “Frühlingsgaudi” in Arnsberg-Oeventrop, we support the friendship group "La Vie"
  • Seelenbeben e.V.
  • The Balthasar hospice for children and young people
  • The volunteer fire brigade in the town of Brilon
  • Refugee aid
  • Support for the development of a children’s garden at Villa Rappelkiste
  • Donation of a nest swing to the school Engelbertschule Brilon
  • The workbook of the cycling training "Children safe on the road" for the Hochsauerlandkreis e. V.
We are helping – and you can join in, too!
Do you want to do something good, too? Support one of the initiatives mentioned above or provide contributions in kind when needed. Get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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