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for high pressure + extreme temperatures.

By modifying the design of our existing rupture discs, we have made a crucial improvement: Unlike other high pressure rupture discs, the weld seam is not subjected to shear and bending forces – only to pressure. Anyone with a technical knowledge of this area understands that this makes a major difference. Geometrically separating the area under peak stress and the weld seam makes the rupture disc more durable and able to comply with the tightest burst tolerances – tolerances of +/- 3 % and better, depending on the specified burst pressure.
The HPRD rupture discs provide long-term protection for processes with temperatures up to 400 °C and pressures up to 5000 barg and beyond. They have already proved themselves under real process conditions and in a wide range of customer applications. These include reactors, autoclaves and compressors in a variety of high pressure processes, such as LDPE production.
REMBE® HPRD with Accessoires

signaling devices

Automated processes use intelligent signaling systems to keep you informed at all times about the status of your entire plant and any faults that may arise. You can even install signaling devices for rupture discs that have already been installed.

rupture disc holder

REMBE® guarantees you a perfect installation and optimal function of your bursting disc. Due to the special design of the various REMBE® rupture disc holders, incorrect installation of the associated rupture disc is impossible.
  • Extra long service life even at the highest temperatures and pressures.
  • Burst tolerance of +/- 3 % prevents premature rupture disc response and thus production standstills.
  • Design can be adapted in any way.
Technical data
Product parameters
Burst pressure
up to 5,000 barg
up to 400 °C
+/– 3 %
Operating ratio
80 % of nominal burst pressure
Material of rupture disc
Housing material
17-4 PH (1.4542/1.4548)
Nominal size
Different burst pressures, temperatures, tolerances, operating ratio and materials are available on request.
* Standard tolerance (including manufacturing tolerance).
  • autoclaves
  • chemical industry
  • chemical reactors
  • gas compressor modules
  • high pressure applications
  • LDPE (thermoplastic)
  • petrochemical plants
  • reactors
  • water injection pumps
  • chemical- petrochemical
  • oil and gas industry
Process mediumSuitability
Gas | Steam
Liquid with gas cushion
Two phase flow
Hygienic applications
✓✓ recommended
✓ suitable
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Gordon Jerie, CAD-Expert
"If you asked me to describe our compact rupture discs in one sentence, I’d say: “Impossible – I can’t.” So far we’ve always developed a dedicated solution for each application. And in fact it’s great fun for me as a designer. I’m always pleased to receive a tricky request."

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We would be happy to show you solutions tailored to your process that limit the effects of an explosion to a harmless level and ensure that production can be resumed quickly after an explosion event.
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