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Space-saving, bidirectional isolation.

Made in Germany

Decoupling with quench valves.

The REMBE® EXKOP® QV II quench valve is a decoupling device that is installed in a pipeline in order to limit any explosions to the relevant part of the system. To do this, the quench valve is connected to a controller (EXKOP® Express or EXKOP® TriCon).
REMBE® EXKOP® QV II is suited with a Spark arrester (e.g. between a mill and the product filter) and an overpressure limiter (e.g. between a silo vehicle and the silo).
REMBE® Q-Rohr with Accessoires

rubber sleeve


  • Compact design for flexible integration into the production process.
  • High level of safety due to very rapid closing times.
  • Returns to operation immediately after triggering.
  • Fail Safe mechanism automatically closes the valve if the power supply fails or the valve is manipulated.
In the case of an explosion, the controller receives a trigger signal (e.g. from the signalling unit of the Q-Rohr® or an explosion vent, from a pressure switch or spark detector) and activates the connected quench valves. These close within a few milliseconds and thus prevent the explosion from spreading to adjacent plant components. After being triggered, the quench valves can be put back in operation once again at the touch of a button.
Technical data *
Product parameters
Diameter nominal**DN 80 - DN 200DN 250
Housing material
Aluminium, painted (RAL 1015)
St 37.2, painted (RAL 1015)
acc. EN 1092-1 Typ 11 (PN 10)***
acc. EN 1092-1 Typ 11 (PN 10)***
Operating limits Medium
organic and chemical dusts
organic and chemical dusts
Operating limits KSt
≤ 300 bar × m/s
≤ 200 bar × m/s
Operating limits Pmax
≤ 10 bar
≤ 10 bar
Operating limits MZE
≥ 3 mj
≥ 3 mj
Operating limits Pred
≤ 2,0 bar
≤ 1,0 bar
Operating limits Allowable flow rate
≤ 30 m/s
≤ 30 m/s
Operating limits ATEX category indoor/outdoor
Suitable for use in food processing industry
Ambient temperature
+ 5 up to + 60 °C****
+ 5 up to + 60 °C****
Installation position
Power supply
24 VDC from EXKOP® controller
24 VDC from EXKOP® controller
Compressed air supply
6.0 bar gauge pressure from system network
6.0 bar gauge pressure from system network
Compressed air connection
8 mm (Festo)
8 mm (Festo)
Protection type
IP 65
IP 65
* Our specialists will be pleased to assist you in finding a solution that matches your specific operating conditions.
** Other nominal diameters available on request.
*** Replaces DIN 2632, PN 10.
**** Other ambient temperature available on request.
Applications + Industries
  • animal feed productions
  • aspiration plants
  • brewery
  • chemical industry
  • conveyors
  • destoners
  • elevators
  • filters
  • food
  • food production
  • mills and grinding plants
  • mixers
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • recycling
  • screens
  • silo
  • spray dryers
  • wood processing


ATEX EC type examination certificate no.  FSA 04 ATEX 1537 X

ATEX EC type
examination certificate no.
FSA 04 ATEX 1537 X

Certified in
accordance with

EN 15089

The EXKOP® system is ideal in combination with explosion vents or flameless explosion venting solutions.

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Unboxed - EXKOP® Maintenance

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