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Explosion safety systems win the Red Dot Design Award for the first time

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When it comes to the winners of design awards, most people think of futuristic automobiles, furnishings or everyday objects. However, for the first time, protection systems have now also received an award. Two in-house developments from REMBE® have received the Red Dot Design Award: the Q-Bic™ extinguishing barrier and the design study for a new generation of the EXKOP® quench valve, both products for explosion isolation. The REMBE® engineers have thus demonstrated that, besides the highest standards of safety and reliability, they also have an eye for the visual.

However, not only does the new Q-Bic™ isolation system look good but the design has been developed with functional and hygienic aspects in mind. The Q-Bic™ extinguishing barrier offers a variety of visible and invisible highlights: the firmly attached transport handles, which allow safe installation and transport of the extinguishing barriers, are obvious. They are very helpful, especially when the Q-Bic™ is installed in hard-to-reach places or at high altitudes. Thanks to the convex dirt protection cap, neither water nor dust deposits can accumulate on the Q-Bic™. The “inner values” of the Q-Bic™ are also remarkable: the blue-green extinguishing powder QXP prevents cross-contamination and the patented SJX nozzle ensures an optimum application of the extinguishing powder. Thanks to the specially developed release mechanism without explosives, the Q-Bic™ can be easily imported worldwide. The Q-Bic™ is particularly suitable for large pipes attached to dryers and filters or complex shaft geometries such as conveyors and elevators.

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